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Podcast by the Author of Efficiency: Unleash the Power of Supply Chain Wisdom for Personal Growth and Development.

Mindful Supply Chain: Navigating the Path to Peace and Success

Embark on a transformative journey as Troy Harris, the insightful host of the Mindfulness Series, unveils a unique perspective in his latest podcast episode. Contrary to expectation, Troy bridges the seemingly distinct worlds of mindfulness and supply chain, revealing authentic connections that lead to...

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Mindful Bad@$$ery: Unleashing Your Inner Warrior

In a world often dominated by notions of being a goody two shoes, Troy Harris, the dynamic host of the Troy Harris Podcast, is here to debunk the myth surrounding mindfulness. In his latest episode, he explores the empowering side of mindfulness, asserting that...

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Empowering Self-Esteem: Unveiling the Journey through Mindfulness

Embracing our unique journey towards self-esteem is the heart of today’s Troy Harris podcast segment on mindfulness. Host Troy Harris candidly shares the story behind the four dots on his face, the result of a personal choice to fill in chicken pox marks, illustrating...

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Mindful Pursuits: Navigating Friendships on the Journey

In the serene landscape of mindfulness, we often find ourselves passionately pursuing our goals, a journey that occasionally leads to shifts in our personal orbits. The truth is, as we evolve, so do our relationships, and sometimes, we may lose friends along the way....

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My Favorite Place to Visit!

My favorite place to visit is Sydney, Australia! I have some fond memories of visiting my family who lives there. It is a place that’s far away from where I call home which was first Arizona and now California. However, there are some similarities...

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Strength Beyond Societal Challenges: Unveiling the Benefits of Striving to be Big and Strong

In a society often shaped by varied expectations, the pursuit of physical strength and size has faced its fair share of challenges. However, the journey towards being big and strong goes beyond societal norms, tapping into intrinsic benefits that foster holistic well-being. In this...

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