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About Troy Harris: A Journey of Resilience

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Troy Harris, a beacon of inspiration born from a life molded by resilience and enriched with the transformative power of mindfulness. From a childhood in Phoenix marked by challenges, where Troy navigated the complexities of familial dynamics and geographical distances, he found solace and passion in videography, music, and sports. Voted “Most Likely to Make the Olympics” by his high school peers, Troy’s journey took an unexpected turn as he faced the impact of substances, injuries in football, and yet rose to become a D-I All-American in track.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Troy’s story unfolded against the backdrop of an illustrious career, from an internship at BET to freelancing in the realms of both reality TV and scripted shows. His artistic prowess shone through in a music video featured on MTV and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Yet, amidst professional success, Troy faced personal challenges, supporting someone through a pregnancy that ultimately led him to the welfare line.

The turning point came when he embraced an opportunity at UPS, paving the way for a thirteen-year journey of upward mobility—from HR roles to international endeavors and eventually, a directorship in international package moves for Enterprise Accounts. Troy’s commitment to giving back is evident in his volunteer work with the homeless and his dedicated efforts at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. Additionally, his foray into city politics exemplifies a commitment to creating positive change.

As a published author of “I Feel Good About Me” and “Efficiency,” Troy utilizes his personal narrative to empower others. His unique perspective underscores the belief that nothing is impossible, urging individuals to turn every obstacle into a step on the ladder to their personal mountaintop. Troy Harris is not just a success story; he is a testament to the strength found within one’s own narrative—a journey that continues to unfold with each climb, each belief, and each act of resilience.

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