Very delighted to share my very excellent interview with my brother Ben! Be the first to hear this new interview on the podcast, Troy Harris.

Hello, everybody, and welcome to a brand new episode of Troy Harris. And guess who it is. Troy Harris. Today we have a very special podcast. I’m here with my friend and brother. His name is Ben Harris. We’re gonna talk to him. I’m gonna let him know about what happened today, where I was just walking along, walking through my neighborhood, and then all of a sudden, I hear this music, and then I’m like, okay, that sounds good. I go check in, and I see a bunch of ladies on the stage. I say, what’s going on? And they give me a ticket. They say, there’s a show happening today. And so I stand in line and I get to see this amazing show of dancing, ladies, a wonderful group. And so I just want to let you know that sometimes when you’re in the moment, you just go with what calls you, because that’s what it is to live intentionally. You just go with what calls you. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today is intentionality. How to have a strong body, steady mind, and what that means for living intentionally. Right here with our special guest.

And with no further ado, here he is. What’s going on, Ben?

What’s up, brother? So happy to be on. So proud of you. Yeah, thanks for the nice intro. So, yeah, that’s so cool. I hit you up this morning. Like, hey, will you be, like, free this afternoon? You’re like, yeah, I’m exploring today. First of all. I’m, like, exploring. That’s cool. What does that mean? And then I just stumbled into this recital, so I’m going to watch this for the next few hours. I’m like, okay, I can’t wait to hear about it. And honestly, I didn’t even know about till you just explained it. So that sounds pretty cool.

Yeah, you know how it is. We’re out here just talking. We’re just talking amongst. You know, it’s best to hear about these things the first time around. So you just got to hear it fresh, live on the air. And I’m glad that you did.

Yeah. Shout out, dad. By the way, I always talk about that Kenny, parachutes and the king of small talk. Our whole life coming up, he’d just be talking and doing his thing with everybody, so it trickled down onto us. So you got to use that.

Yeah. You can’t be afraid to improvise. And that’s what it is. You don’t know what it is, what you’re going to be talking about. And, like, this show has no script. No script. Not to say every episode will have no script because there is a time and a place for structure, but you got to be confident. And that’s what it comes down to, is confidence. So when it comes to that, I know you just mentioned one source, but where. Because you got a lot of things going on where you need confidence. So where do you get yours from?

Yeah, definitely, dad. You definitely being confident out there on the field and with the music and every time I visit, you’re just focused and doing your thing. And I really like that. My mom and everyone being successful in our whole family, but also just getting on that stage and getting into this character where you just know you’re the best and there’s a reason you’re there. You’re the one that’s chosen to be there. So once you lock into that, it’s not like an ego or cocky thing. It’s like, I got to do this like in a superhero in the movie or the quarterback in the game. You need to be confident. You’re not going to feel like you’re talking about yourself, but you need to be like, I’m the one that’s going to make the basket. You just have to lock in. Otherwise, you’re not going to give your best performance or your best self. And like you said, once you just start doing your thing, freestyling, talking about what’s going on, I’m guaranteed it’s better than if you were talking about nothing and didn’t break the ice and didn’t start something. Because the way anything can happen is something has to move.

So that’s what we’re here talking about.

Yes, sir. Well, you mentioned something interesting, which I think people have a tough time balancing, which is you can be intimidated, which is the opposite of either of these next two things that I’m going to talk about. But you can be intimidated or timid, or you could Be confident, or you could be arrogant. And a lot of times people know, they understand, especially in culture, like, being timid is not the way to go. Nobody really is. Like, maybe they’ll talk about humility, being humble, but they will never say, yeah, go be timid out there. It’s just not standard. But people will be confident. And I think sometimes people mistake that for arrogance. And there’s a difference. But how do you tell people what the difference is?

The difference is just knowing that, like I said, when we’re watching the know and we’re like, I don’t even care if you miss it, Booker. Just shoot the shot, because you’re the guy, you’re the one. So even if you miss it, if you pass it, when you shoot a shot, then we’re getting upset. If you shoot it and miss it, it doesn’t matter because you’re locked in. If he’s out there like, oh, I don’t want to. Then we’re like, what’s going on? We’re going to trust someone else to shoot that shot. So, you know, the fan or the person watching needs that super confident movie hero person to save the world. Otherwise, it’s like they got to know that’s there when the coach is in there and yelling, but then you can joke around. So when I was on stage last time, be like, super in the moment, like locking in on my usher vibes, you know what I’m saying? And then right after the song, yeah, you know what I’m saying? You just break it and let them know you’re him a two. So you just keep riding back and forth, and that’s way better than just staying in the middle.

You’re not for sure anything. And then they’re like, well, we’re going to give the ball to the guy that’s just always confident, even though he’s never funny at all, but at least he’s going to win the game. So it’s just a good mix for sure. Like, no one said Jordan was arrogant, he just was winning. I don’t even really ever saw him talking to people unless he messed up. I didn’t ever see him bragging or stuff, just chomping his gum and trotting down and doing his thing literally like this. So then that speaks for Itself. So the arrogance is when you’re going over the top and having to prove to yourself, like, no, we just saw it. You good? You ought to go overboard now. Yeah, that’s how I would say going back and forth in between the two vibes.

Right. And sometimes when you’re not confident but you feel a need to prove that you are, there’s some insecurity there where it comes out through the attempts, which can really rub people the wrong way. Have you ever run into anyone like that? Is it obvious?

Yeah, definitely. Like, you could be on stage, someone’s like, it could even be a sound guy or something, but just because you’re questioning something or they’re inferior because you happen to be on stage and they’re just giving you attitude and always mad, like when we coming in, like when we were touring, they’re just always mad at the people on stage. I don’t know if they thought assholes or what. So I’d always be coming in all nice, like, there’s no way you’re going to be mad at me. Nice. You need drink. How’s your day going? Oh, every city I’m from. So you a fan of this team? Oh, you’re quarterback. Then finally throughout the day, like, oh, I can’t be mad at them. But the whole time it was like an insecure thing. Like, oh, now they’re going to tell me how to do my job. This is my thing. I don’t care about you on stage. I’m not here to see you. I’m just working. So that’s it. Paused. Is it still rolling? I didn’t want to make sure I just go into your life. I didn’t hear you did that. No, yeah, you know what I’m saying?

So it’s coming out of insecurity when really the ones who you could tell are just confident in what they, my kids were telling me about you. Yeah. When you came into and they’re like, there you go, showing love. So it really shows. Really good show love when you’re hating. Like how J. Cole was telling little Yachty. That was kind of cool. Where it’s like I realized I was just a big hater going out of his way to say the mumble rap and making songs about like, okay, now you’re like, overboard talking about, if you didn’t care about it, don’t talk about it. But it was cool where he admitted that was the reason because he was really just jealous on why his friends liked their music, even though he was the one chopping and being all lyrical. So that kind of explains it all, too. You’re really just hating and not realizing.

Yeah. So rent free is the slang term that comes to mind. You live in rent free. You live in rent free, and that person’s head is the full speech because they’re not really doing anything to you, but you’re obsessively going out of your way to comment on them. And I kind of find it interesting that there’s a lot of slang and culture in the hip hop black culture where there’s things that are really actual, relevant and helpful you don’t want to be aware of if somebody’s living rent free in your head. And I think it comes down to hate just being an intense form of love, because the opposite is just indifference, which you could just be like, okay, that person is doing things that I wouldn’t do, but I’m not going to spend my own time and energy. I’m going to just work towards my efforts, my dreams, my goals.

Yeah. A great example of that is I don’t know if you saw the hard knocks. I love watching that show. I don’t care what team it is. But the jets coach was talking about the eagle and the Crow. I don’t know if you saw that.


First time I heard it, he was telling his team. So the crow tries to lock onto the eagle and take it down, but the eagle just. Just can shoot up into, when it happens, it jumps on it and they just shoot up into the sky because they can fly the highest, so they don’t even care about what they’re trying to do. They just shoot up, focus on them high. And then at some point, the crow can’t even fly that high and it literally suffocates and can’t even control and just falls off and they’re just doing their thing. They’re like, I’m just soaring. I didn’t even have to think about what you’re doing because you can’t be at my level. Anyway. Of all the crows, like, trying to hate on them when they should just focus on living their life, because as soon as the eagle is just any sense of it just keeps on moving with their life. They just can’t hang, literally, instead of trying to fight or talk about I’m the eagle and let’s have a pecking war, it’s just like proven what I’m doing, right. You can’t hang no peace.

Even if I didn’t catch the crow, I’m still going to do my thing and then realize the result every morning. Anyway, time to work out, right?

So I’m just living my life. I don’t have time to focus on what you got going on down there or over there or anywhere. So I just love that analogy. And that’s kind of like, yeah, why I keep thinking about that person. I could have used that energy to be focused on next song Lurk or the next move we’re making because they ain’t thinking about me.

So it kind of reminds me, though, because sometimes you can use any competitive advantage, like they say locker room topics and things like that where Michael Jordan, you mentioned him earlier, he would create slights that somebody slighted him so that he could be aggressive. Would you say that there is something to that, though?

Oh, for sure. And that’s kind of like he’s telling somebody to be the crow so I can go out and show you I’m the. Like, he’s not coming down their level. He’s just like, I need some reason because I’m so good at this. Like, to give me a reason. So that would be like, peck on my back. Cool. Now I have a reason to show you that I’m Jordan, you know what I’m saying? Versus, like, chilling. So I think, yeah, especially you need a good reason and a good router. But, yeah, for sure. You know how it was with track, like, why dad have to put PJ’s picture on the wall? I’m like, finish it. Know? So just, I’m like, oh, if we’re running against point, oh, I gotta beat him. Or like, yeah, you got those. So I like those. How back to J. Cole. He’s like, once I heard this lyric, I like when I hear a lyric, it’s not hate, it’s showing. Like, oh, that’s so good. I’m motivated to do something better, or I’m going to work off of where he was going with that analogy and do that. So that’s not the hate.

Like, why is he doing that? I’m better. That’s like, oh, thank you for hyping me up and inspiring me to now do something really good.

Okay, nice. So we’re hearing a lot of music references and sports, and they also involve you personally. And I’m sure a lot of the listeners, if they don’t know you personally, want to know what are you about? Like, what’s going on? Who are you? So could you let us know the things, the milestones that you find important that tell your life story?

Yeah, definitely. So I was growing up in Indiana. We have the same dad. I was living with my mom, and we didn’t have cable, small country town. And I would be just recording up at Grandma’s and Gary Bet and all these videos, and I’d be recording a video, sold a box when I visit you guys in the summer, then going back and just be in my room, just focused on this entertainment, these dance moves, like Usher and genuine. And then you actually were like, I find out how to record. So we’re doing albums, and you better pick your know, I got all mortal Kombat combat members names, so there’s, like, two left. I was like, oh, reptile. I’ll do that. And I’m thinking because I’m watching Usher in Indiana and all that, that I’m going to be the R B singer. Like Reptile. Remember the first song we did? Yeah, I watch you. Anyway, we did that. And then I moved to Phoenix and I realized everybody’s battle rapping and nobody’s singing. So then I’m like, okay, I’m going to focus in on this then. And then I couldn’t talk about street trade or nothing, so I just literally had to talk about the act to make someone be like, whatever he’s saying, it sounds so cool and yeah, it makes the people at school scream and stuff.

So I leaned towards the twist of where it didn’t have to be about what hood I’m talking about or whatever. I’m just like doing my thing, like lyrical exercise. So then that followed all the way through. You were recording us and everything inspired me to do videos and everything you were doing. I don’t know how you were doing it, but he had a mini disk player, a whole albums recorded on it before I even knew what that was. And then he had the first CD ever with our songs on it printed out with labels. We had a CD around canvas for no one knew about a blank CD. You’re just so ahead of the game. And then he recorded us. You, I’m telling the viewers, recorded us, put albums together, full song structure, whole group compilation, solo album. So then when I got to college, then for the first time, I had to find out how to do it myself. Inspired from how you were doing it for all of us back when we were living with dad, and I had the studio in the living room. So then I did that, and then I just went all in, every.

Dad’s just recording in my dorm, then performing on campus, and then I just became like, this is before social media. So I just became the rapper, the guy at ASU Campus, like at all the football parties, football players in my just, I didn’t realize, like it was out of necessity. I didn’t realize you had to save up and go to an actual studio. I’m like, this is how we were doing when Troy was doing it. This is how I’m doing it here. They’re like, oh, Green has the studio, but now everyone has a studio. But I guess I was the only one back then on the entire campus. So the basketball team in there, we had some songs pop off at the A state shuffle, and then all that notoriety. Right when I graduated, I majored in broadcasting. So while everyone was sending their tapes to really small towns to be like a news know, I was not wanting to do that. I was wanting to follow the music career. So then this band envy started performing at Barcelona. Literally right when I graduated, shifted right, and I was paying really well. It was crazy.

And we can get to how I thought I was doing it big, but really, I was doing nothing but performing every night and killing it, and that’s really all I was doing. But then we got a deal in Vegas, and I was with the headlining show at the Mirage. Shout out. Terry Fader. You want America’s Got Talent. Biggest contract at the time. Record mirage in Vegas. And then we were touring all over the country on the weekends, performing every night at the Mirage. And that went on for ten years. So then after that, I was so much fun professionally entertainer. Then we had our son, then COVID happened, and it kind of all worked out. So then I got my real estate license, teamed up with my wife. So then we’re a husband and wife team with Las Vegas. Sotheby’s got, like, luxury rentals. We own some, manage a lot, do our thing with the listings, and just making it work, hustling out here with the real estate, while always I’m sitting in my studio now is constantly recording. I’m always a songwriter at heart and an artist, so that will always be what I think of in my downtime.

I’m watching music documentaries. That’s like, I’ve probably seen them all. I don’t care what it is. I was just listening to Pink Pantheris. She goes hard, though. But the point is, I listen to every new music interview that comes out of the albums, no matter what genre. So that’s in my DNA, and I’m just blessed to be a vessel with it coming through me. So I can’t ever stop that floodgate of the songs, the lyrics, the vibes coming. So I’m always letting that through while I’m also focusing on the bread and butter and creating that future generational wealth for the fans.

Yes, and so great. And I love that. And you are a vessel for what is the purpose? Because I remember you hearing it. You say it.

Yeah. With the songwriting, it’s not like I just feel I’ll go, like, times without recording. Like, yeah, but I do this now, but I just can’t stop it. Like, if I hear instrumental.

Yeah, no, but you have a specific purpose where you mentioned you uplift something along.

Yeah, uplift souls. And I feel I can do that through music because it’s not even me controlling. It’s just like, if I hear instrumental, the melody and the words are coming out, it’s like these songs are already recordeD, so it would be a dishonor to me in uplifting these souls that the songs are already meant to end. Luckily, I’ve been chosen as one of the people to put them through. So I can’t stop that. I think about, like, a football tunnel. Like, the team’s coming down the tunnel, they’re about to go out. That’s not going to stop. They’re going to play this big game, and then what? Am I just going to stop? The tunnel be like, no game. He’s like, it ain’t up to you. The field’s out there. This is what we do. The team being the song. We have to go out there. You can’t stop this. So I always got to keep that going. And, yeah, uplifting souls is what I’m all about. Inspiring. My favorite quote is, like, kobe Bryant. Like, the most important thing you can do is inspire people to do what they love and inspire other people and just keep uplifting everything.

So I know that a lot of people, they deal with stage fright, and I’ve heard people in both speaking and singing mention the audience is the real focus. Like, they need to hear this. So is that what you’re really describing there?

Yeah, they need to hear it. And I’ve dealt with anxiety, panic attacks, even on stage. And it was crazy because I performed my whole life. Then I’m doing Terry where it’s like thousands of people packed every night and it’s fine, but after a while, I don’t even know what happened. Just like, you start to get in your head. Like, when you’re golfing, you start thinking. Then you start messing up, and it just gets bigger and bigger. And then I just had to think of. So stuff that helps is just think of the worst thing that could happen and what at that time it was what, falling down. Sometimes I’d be, like, doing warm up music and I’d just be messing around and just purposely fall over and jump up and just be messing, like, getting out of my head and be like, yeah, they laughed and I made them part of the show. And like, okay, what else is the worst thing going to happen? You just go through it and distracting yourself is really good, too. So you’re so focused and you’re thinking way too hard. You’re about to perform, you know this song, you do it every night, but then now you’re like, what’s the first lyrics?

How does it start? It’s about to start and you know you’re about to go blank. But then if someone distracted you, so I would just make myself be distracted. So I’d be, like, literally imagining someone on the side of the stage yelling out, hey, bit. And then I’d be like, I’ll be like, what and just, like, doing that real quick takes you out of here. Oh, think about that. Or look at that person, and then the lyrics will come. It’s like you’re unblocking just the quick distraction, even if you’re doing it to yourself. So I would do that with the stage fright. And, yeah, they’re there to hear you. There’s a reason you’re there. Like, when I started the interview, it’s like you are the person that’s going to do this best thing right at this moment. So it’s really not up to you to not do it. But, yeah, I’ve definitely dealt with it. And I would be, like, going through stuff where I would literally, it would be like, okay, I’m totally fine. I’m feeling good. I can walk this far to the stage. I can push this button on the DJ kit, and I’m, like, testing it.

Like, I feel the same. It starts filling up, and then I couldn’t move my leg at a certain time when it was, like, complete fact. And I’m like, but I tested it. I know I can. Nothing just happened within this 20 minutes. I just did it. So then that’s when I would either fall on purpose or interrupt and then just break through it and then just, okay, break through this little wall. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s like your muscle, your mind could really just freeze your muscles up and stuff while on stage. And then I hear interviews where performers are like, I don’t even know what happened at that show, but then you’re watching, like, you killed it. And even sometimes that would happen, too. I was like, man, was I okay? I couldn’t move my legs. They’re like, what are you talking about? I was like, yeah, what am I talking about? I was just kidding. It’s just crazy. You don’t even realize you’re actually doing.

Your thing with the people that are actually the ones who are receiving this uplifting message and the focus being on them, it really, to me, is they are who you’re here to serve, and it helps bring together a higher purpose. And so it can be a beautiful thing, but you have to really make it real. And it sounds like it is for you, uplifting souls is just not some miscellaneous thing. Like, you’re like, oh, just for the fun of it, these souls are going to rise. But what is the bigger picture?

Yeah. The bigger purpose of bringing good to the world. I know it’s there, so just focusing on it, winning the light, everything being great. Like, you can’t fake a smile. I saw say this too. The smile always wins. A little quotes I’ve been making know I’m that every night on know with all thousand people walking through, I’m the first person they see. I’m playing, like, walk in music, and I would always know the guy trying to be cool and too cool. I’m right there. I’d be like, what’s up, Vegas? And then too cool on their phone and stuff. And like, the smile. And then I’d be just teasing, looking, follow them all the way to their seat, and then they’d sit down like, okay, yeah. And then finally be like, yeah, I’m having fun. I don’t know why I was trying to be like, I’m too hard to have fun. Or then I’d always focus on the people having fun. Like, oh, she’s getting it. That’s what it’s all about. And then everyone look at the people having fun. Then they would start dancing, then it would just spread, but no one would look at the frowner and make everyone just start frowning.

So I know the goodness wins.

That’s really interesting because I don’t think that it gets enough focus. And I’m going to use a term and tell me if I’m using the wrong term, but it’s the one that I think me and pop culture have in mind, which is opener. Is that a good word or the.

Opener to the show?

Yeah. So to be an opener, there’s a lot to that. ThaT is a very highly coveted and very important position where you are making the audience ready. I know that the main act is called the main act for a reason, because they have enough talent to get people there to buy tickets, but to open and have people get in the mood, what is that? What is that to you? How would you describe taking yourself out of it? But objectively, what is that role?

Yeah, you’re just ramping up the energy. So by the time, because the headliner is the show, he’s paying tickets, but also the headliner is the reason you’re performing and making a living. So you’re really a team and really that’s your quarterback. And I’m like every other player, so I’m making sure he is ready to, I’m blocking, I’m getting it ready so he can do what he does to win the game. Winning the game is be the best show ever and inspire and uplift the most souls at one time in the theater. So I just think of it ramping the energy up so by the time not too much to where they’re worn out, but just doing it just right to. Right when he’s about to hit the stage, whoever that headliner is and whoever the opener is, that the energy is just. Yeah. And now it started not like, oh, God, now, okay, the show is starting. All right. They turned the lights down. Okay, then you don’t want that. Then they’re already mad at the headliner because the opener got them mad and they’re upset in general. But, yeah, I want to just focus on every single person.

Like, I’d individually make eye contact and look right to their soul, make everyone feel good, and then ramp it up. Ramp it up, man, it would be lit by the time it would be roaring. And Terry walk out in the middle of the roar. I used to love to listen to it because it’d be like, when I bowed, they would see Terry walk out and never dip down. It’s just like a big eruption into a crazy roar. And then he’s already singing. It’s not like, oh, thanks. Well, we have fun tonight. He comes out just right into his song. Then finally, when that song ends, then it’s just.

It’s like a seamless transition with momentum rising.

Yeah, exactly. So I just made sure he didn’t ever have to wake anybody up or he knew when he walked on, it was just ready.

How would you help people who may struggle with their role thinking that they’re just a cog in the machine? I’m just accountant number three, or I’m editor number six, or I scrape up the hair in the barbershop. But it’s an important piece. And you just mentioned you can have some pride in your role without necessarily being the headliner because it’s not something that is possible for everyone. But you can be the headliner of your role.

Exactly. That’s what I was about to say. You got to have pride in understanding the team. So whatever that team is, maybe if you’re the janitor sweeping it up, and then you take pride in respect, whoever this building owner is, and then that’s your team. And then people are talking about, man, I’ll go to this bank and be like, oh, that bank. Why keep that? Has the shiniest floors. Oh, no, that’s my bank. That’s where I work. Have you seen the lobby? That’s where I sweep up. And once you realize it’s a big team, you’re just clocking in, and it’s all about you. It’s all about the big picture. And then maybe now you’re at the employee dinner or the annual Christmas party. And then be like, oh, this is shiny floor guy. Oh, yeah, he always hypes me up when I pass him in the highway. Now the CEO’s talking and you really are part of this team. Oh, I do see him. He’s always whistling and telling jokes. I’m talking about real janitors at the Mirage because I’d always be walking by, talking sports. Oh, you’re gang. Oh, you Phoenix. Oh, you playing all the small talk.

And they just feel important, like no one’s invisible in my eyes. Everyone, the EDR employee dining room. I would get free food in there on my way in and out of the show. But that’s where every employee of the Mirage Mirage Casino is huge. Would be. So I’d be walking by every tail. Everyone knew who I was and I didn’t even care where you worked. Then I would see them randomly empty in the trash or something. And I would be like, oh, what’s up? And they’re like, no. I’m like, no, what’s up? And we’re like, no, I think we’re not supposed to talk to the guest. Oh, what’s up? You saw me out here. Yeah, I saw you keep doing your thing. So that’s what I would say.

Yeah. So I hear that you can have pride in your role and saying that I sweep those floors, like, oh, you know, that it doesn’t matter if your role is something that other people put down, you can have a sense of pride in that. And it doesn’t have to be a janitor because that’s an important thing. That’s the point is that every role is important. So even the vice president, who’s not quite the president yet, or maybe the CFO who’s trying to be the CEO, what would you even tell people that are somewhat successful, on the verge, but you want to encourage them to appreciate without having to really worry too much about the next step?

Yeah, I would just say if you’re focusing on this next step, then just keep doing what you’re doing at the step you’re in and that will come. Can’t force the timing. Like the Raiders coach right now, he just had to step up. Now he’s winning more. All the fans are behind him because he was there and ready. If he was always mad and complaining because he wasn’the head coach, when it was time to bring someone up, they would have skipped right over him. We don’t need the bad attitude guy trying to lead the team, but then the guy who’s always just there, ready in his position, it’s easy just to bump up to that position. So as long as, you know, whatever you’re doing now is a stepping stone for whatever you’re going to be, and then you’d be happy on each step of that stone.

Okay, so how do you get the positivity? Because the purpose of this, the Troy Harris podcast, is positivity. Strong body, steady mind. How do you do that in a year where there’s 252 work days in a year? How do you actually authentically keep that joy?

Yeah, it’s really just sometimes if I’m not feeling it, I think of sometimes I’ll just Post a random thing, like, to my story, and then someone randomly will be like, aha. You crazy? That’s the reason I like following you. I was having a bad day, but you just got me hype. I’m like, I wasn’t even going to post that because I was about to have a bad day. So then I think, who else is seeing the stuff that doesn’t even let me know? And then I’m like, well, I can’t let them down this day. Then as soon as I do the something to make the other person have a good day, then all of a sudden I’m having a good day. So I said this one time, is it selfish that making other people happy is what actually then makes me happy? Because it’s not like I’m doing it just to make me happy, because you have to want to make the other person happy in the first place, where it’s a domino to you, feeling good. So, yeah, that’s what I think about. So anyone who may be like, no, I can’t feel good.

Think about making their mom or someone else who’s not feeling bad, what would they do to make them feel good? Then I might click in their mind and be like, oh, yeah, I would be acting like this. I would be like, at least it’s sunny outside because you’re stuck in the hospital. I’m over here complaining. Okay. Then in the mind, he’s like, I would be like, at least it’s sunny outside. Yeah, at least all of a sudden, it just clicks.

Yeah, it really must start with your thoughts and then becomes your words and then your actions for sure. So it reminds me of when I was running for city council and I was reading books on what do people do when they run for city council? And one of the things was this guy who won here in Southern California. He made a term selfishness. And I was like, selfishness? Because it’s a little bit of selflessness, but it is selfish because you’re going to be the politician, like, you’re going to be the face, it’s going to be your name. People are going to recognize you for any of your accomplishments. So it does take quite a bit of self centeredness, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also come from a place of wanting to do good for others and wanting to help other people. And you’re saying it’s cyclical. Am I understanding you right?

Exactly. And that actually goes back to the player. When I’m on stage, I’m saying, no, give me the ball. And even if I miss it, you’re going to be glad I shot it. At least that’s what basically is that. Yeah, but the point is, no, I have to be this guy in the position because I’m the one that’s going to make the change that’ll help everybody. So I have to get it because it has to be me. But the reason is because then I’m going to make everything good for everybody. So that’s kind of like, yeah, when the receiver is like this, I’m at the quarterback, I’m here to catch this ball and I’m open. That’s the reason I’m here. So you have to throw it to me. You’re not being egotistical by telling the fact.

And I hear a lot of the best, the greats, that confidence, because that’s what we’re talking about. Like, throw it to me. It wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t practiced. And you don’t really see those because there’s no footage of it, but they go in and they practice and they get better and they talk about it later. The reason why I did this good is because I did it a million times in practice when you weren’t looking at me that way, when I was able to do it, I was able to just be free and relax because I knew what it took. So is that the same for you?

Yeah. No one’s going to be confident. They’d just be lying and you could feel it. If it wasn’t something that they just have done and do the best, you’d be like, no, you don’t. You could just tell it in the way you’re saying it, but when you know it’s true, you’re not trying to convince, you’re just. No, that’s what I do. Obviously, I don’t have to explain it. That’s the reason I’m here in this position. Wherever it is. Your life has brought you here. That’s what you do. And then you’d be like, yeah, be confident. Kind of like, oh, no, he’s done that. You might check the background, what they did, the quick resume. That’s basically it. Without going through it, it’s like, this is what I do. This is what I’m confident about. I wouldn’t be confident with something I didn’t do. Not at all. I’d be like, who does this? This is not what I do. I have no shame in that. So it’s not just like, I have to be the one. It’s like, no, I am the one in this, and you’re the one in that. And that’s why we’re working great together.

It reminds me there’s being an integrated person where you have all these different things, these different emotions, these different feelings, and it could be shame, it could be pride, it could be humility, it could be joy, it could be sadness. And you never want to go too far into any one field, but you don’t want to shy away from it when it is time to feel it. And grieving comes to mind with that as well. You have a loss, and it’s a disappointment because you did want to do well. But you can’t be, like, toxic positivity. Like, it’s okay. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of it this way, but with hearing that, have you? And how would you describe it now that you’ve heard it?

If not, yeah, it’s kind of like the balancing the chakras. I don’t have the films, but I do like watching things and listening through on YouTube. But it’s just like that. You might be so into one, you’re, like, letting one just hang and rot away and be into ash, but you need the whole thing to make the whole body strong mind. So that’s kind of what it is. You got to focus in however you do that. But, yeah, if you’re like, oh, he’s down today, be like, yeah, he’s down today because he’s up all these days. You got to have those days. So, yeah, I totally am about that. Not skipping over any feelings.

Okay. And how about folks that have certain quirks that they are self conscious about? Do you have any tips? Do you know anyone like that? And you’ve helped them. And what did you tell them?

I would read the I feel good about me book? No, your book. No, for sure. That was good. Like, you talking about that. And then I was telling you about like, yeah, and what’s up with my pets? Remember we grew up in the gym during quarantine and stuff, all the muscle went away. And then I just realized even just talking about it to you, I let it out. I didn’t even want to tell him, but reading your book helped me be like, oh, you’re telling your truth. Let me tell you about this. And now just changing my lifestyle, I just forgot that that was the focus. It just became a bonus when I just stopped drinking every night and making sure I go to the gym and then just living a healthy life, then the best part is when you’re like, oh, yeah, I remember I was worried about this thing. I forgot it gets gone, but it’s not because I was just focusing on that. Like, just doing these workouts and these YouTube things I’m seeing, it’s just in general, it was just a bonus, and now they’re gone. So it was just, yeah, I guess just the quirk.

Talk about it, tell somebody, get it out, and then focus on the higher picture of your whole life and it’ll probably go away. Or if it can’t physically go away, just not worry, bother you. The pressure of the stress will go away because you’re focused on a bigger picture.

Yeah. If you can’t change it, then change the way you feel about it. Many of these things you can change and you’re approaching it in a holistic way to where even if you’re working on changing it, you’re just living a healthy lifestyle, and then it naturally just becomes a progress. And it sounds like with the pecs, that did change for you, right?

Yeah, it definitely did. But it wasn’t because I was just, like, looking at the PEC and getting upset and doing all that. It’s when I stopped thinking about it in general and focused on a daily habit that in the long run just knocked out a bunch of stuff I was stressing about. So focus on a better thing that each day to better your life every day versus just like. But they need to be gone now. What can I do right now? Right now, this day has. It all has to change versus. How about I forget about and just focus in, like, six months, being in a better mental place and then that definitely helped.

Yeah. Well, in this age of instant gratification, I think it was coined 20 years ago, the microwave generation. It’s tough to really help people realize that, but it sounds like you’ve got it. And I know we both know through these two books, it’s using systems to achieve your goals as part of the seven steps to success, which is part of the supply chain perspective. And so I know that you have a system where you use symbols and a calendar.

Can you help our understand anything to help myself be accountable? And it started like, I was just saying my workout today. And then we’re like, did I? And be like, did I, but when I was there, did I lift weights or did I just do cardio? And what did I lift? And I’m forgetting, oh, well, I’ll start tomorrow. And then I’ll be like, I won’t even have a drink tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m not going to drink. I’m going to do Cardio, and I’m going to lift weights. I’d just be saying this while I’m taking a drink and didn’t do either. So finally I was like, man, on my calendar, on my whiteboard calendar, I’m just going to do a check mark, a quick one that says I did cardio. So then I was like, even if I just run outside real quick, I will do cardio to get this check mark. And so maybe I just ran up the street, but then I went just around street, like, I’m out here. Might as well run around the block. It is nice. But what helped is I didn’t say I’m going to do 20 minutes jogging. And the old me was like, and I’m going to get these running shoes and these sweats and these perfect headphones that don’t fall out.

And I’m going to get all this carrying case because I’m going to be a professional jogger. But if I just said no, I’m literally just going to jog real quick, like, just to the mailbox, and then that’ll deserve a check. So I started doing that, and then that became, I really got into the cardio just off of the little check. But still, even if it didn’t have to always be 20 minutes, it could literally just be me running around the block really quick, be like, I got to get that check mark real quick for the day. And then the next, when I was like, okay, because then I was going to the gym, but I wasn’t lifting weights, and be like, now I need to do another check. If I hit the weights, and it could literally just be one set of curls, just, I went into the weight section, not just the cardio and the steam and out. So then I started doing that, and then I was like, man, how many days did I not drink? Man, I feel like, good, because I did be for no reason. Just late at night, Natalia, sleep.

I’m sitting on the couch watching Netflix, all the Netflix shows for no reason until, like, 02:00 a.m..


Like, it’s so pointless. So then I start putting the dot in between. So if I get the two check marks and the dot, then that’s just like, wow. So then you start looking back and be like, oh, that looks good. That’s like a whole line of dots. That’s seven days. But you didn’t even realize that. You just realized, oh, today I want to get to all three. Today I want to get to all three. And then some days I’ll be like, oh, I got to have at least one. So maybe there was a broker open or something. So I knew I was going to have, like, maybe a cocktail. But I’m thinking of ahead. I’m not just flowing with the life, whatever. Because he looked back and be like, damn, I drank every day. I thought I just did three events. We’re like, oh, yeah, at those events. So maybe now I’m like, maybe I’ll choose an event. I know I definitely want to go to that one. That one. I’ll probably have this. So I got to make sure before I go there, I have the two check marks. So I got to run to the gym, get that cardio, two out of the three.

So then at least I feel good with the two out of the three. And then if I just see none, I’m like, oh, man, I got to get back on it. Like, what’s this going on? Looking back, because then you’re calling yourself out because you’re looking at the board, you’re just going to show you have no marks, or it’s going to show all the marks. And I started doing that. So then literally, I’ll be late at night, be like, I got to get that check mark. I know it sounds crazy, but just simply knowing that I have to write it down will make me run to the gym. Like, right before this, I ran, oh, good, I got that in and the dot. So, yeah, it’s been helping. So I guess that was a system I kind of just created for myself.

It’s been working and holding yourself to it and feeling good and making sure that you do it when you see that it’s going away, and then afterwards, when you have done it, marking it down and being like, dang, I’m all right. Yeah.

Then you start looking like, whoa, man, I didn’t even miss a day. It used to be like, what day did I go? Now it’s like, what day did I miss?

Yeah. Well, what’s interesting, I find you are an artist, and you are a creative. And I feel that people, when they view creatives in their mind, they’re like, oh, to be a creative, and it’s the people that are striving for that that are trying to become one successfully, and they’re like, oh, that means I got to just go and feel and do what pulls me. And if I want to drink this, I want to smoke this. I cannot be maintained through a system. Systems be gone. But you’re here showing that you can be creative and analytical. Was it something that you learned, or was it something that you acquired or had naturally?

Yeah, I definitely learned through life and where when I was performing and had the show, the goal was always to write and record my music, put out the music, and create that big community. But I definitely lost focus on that because I was like, well, I’m killing it when I perform. Everyone’s screaming and they think I’m doing it big, so I must be doing it big knowing that I wasn’t recording during the day. I’m just napping all day, like, two way too many naps. I don’t need thinking it was for a reason because I had to have all that energy on stage, and I’m the energy guy. So this is how you get it. But the more naps, the more energy, right? This is working for this. But no, then you’d be even more letHargic. And then you start getting addicted to just wanting to nap more and more. And then just as long as I perform good, because I was never late, and I always did my best on stage, but you got to balance it out with all that. And then I realized then in the mornings, I just feel fresher, like, I don’t know.

When I was in school, on campus, I was going to do the news. I’m going to my class. I’m doing this. I’m signing up for shows. I’m getting my network on. But when you’re watching all these documentaries, it’s like late night. I got the studio locked in all night watching Lil Wayne, one of our favorites. I wake up at 02:00 p.m. And then I’m in the studio till, like, 07:00 a.m., thinking, like, that’s how it’s supposed to be. But I’ll be tired late at night. I’ll be, like, falling asleep before I tuck Gavin, let alone once he’s asleep. I don’t really want to feel creative, so I’ve been feeling like I’ll choose my days and the morning right when I’m up, right out of the gym fresh, that’s when the lyrics are flowing. It’s sunny, I got all the lights on. You’re thinking it has to be dark with studio vibes. It’s nice, but I’ll be feeling good just when it’s like a normal office day in here, cooking up. So that’s what I found.

And I know that my phone battery is on low power mode, so I do want to get this question out before it dies for sure, which is we’ve had discussions through phone calls where the body tells the story. And so it’s back to this holistic mindset, which is that’s where I was coming from. People don’t just say like, oh, I’m going to write a book just because I have too much time on my hands. It’s like, you have something to offer. And that’s what hit me. It was like an aha moment. Like, the world needs to know about this, and it is that everything matters, everything that you have, every bit of care that you provide yourself will save you from a bit of hurt down the line. The youth is wasted on the young is wasted on the young. So to be able to tell people and motivate them to care for themselves early, even though they may not show the effects of bad diet, but they’ll want to because their body remembers. What can you tell from that side of things in your own words?

Yeah, definitely that. I know we were talking before about how I was surrounded by all the college know, because when you do the music, all the athletes are also artists, too. So I just realized they’d have these full rides, they’d be so ready to go. But I could tell the ones that probably the ones I didn’t see at the parties are the ones I actually see in the NFL. Killing it still. And I just realized, man, maybe if they focused in harder while they had thinking, like, you didn’t even have to go to practice most time. They just were ready, young and just ready to play at all times. But just think if they took that and then took it to the next level, I probably took them to the NFL. I’m not talking about just athletes because I’m not. Me too. Where I was, like, I could have probably blew up even bigger. Everything was meant to happen. But if I took all those times during the day before in school, I was hustling because I didn’t have the show money. That right when I graduated. But then when it was just about the night, I was definitely wasting all that time.

So then during that time, I could have became anything, too. YouTube had just came out, my own YouTube university out of anything. Got degrees and all that. When I’m just taking naps, going to the gym, maybe two, know, just chilling because I got show, know I got to rest. Take it easy. Can’t work, too. It’s just make sure you go hard when you got it. But I know it’s hard to tell people, so. Hey, Gab. Gab’s right here.

We’re doing a podcast.

Yay, Uncle Troy. Say hi to Uncle Troy.

Real hi, Gavin.

Yeah, so go hard when you got it. But, yeah, now I’m actually in better shape and everything when it’s kind of crazy because I’m thinking like, oh, I should have went harder, as if I was the athlete. But no, I look back at those pictures. I got the chin strap right here with the extra. All this beer and all this alcohol, thinking I was shredded and I wasn’t. So I actually feel younger and fresher and more in shape now, even though I’m like 20 years older. So now just. I guess it’s never too late to start focusing and not wasting time. As soon as you do, no matter how old you are, you feel like Benjamin Butt. And you write back and ask, yes.

And so that can be some encouragement for the folks that have gotten out of their youth and have survived it and may have, like, they can’t help but feel like I could have done this. I think it happens to the best of us, but the ones who actually do find the positive mindset, they don’t let that thought linger. But there’s others who do let it linger. So everything happens for a reason is one thing that you quickly said, and I could tell it was just a natural thing. It was almost like something that you brushed over because it was so natural. But I want to tap into, like they say, double click on that a little bit because it’s true. These challenges, they can be regrets. They can be hardships. They can have pain. You might have actual scars, let alone just mental scars from that and missed opportunities and all the lot, but those actually help you realize the pain, actually helps you realize what not to do the next time around, which creates growth. So even as an older person, you’re able to use that and you can become stronger and better and do what you can for the remainder of the time you have left on the earth.

Yes. Basically just realizing that it’s all part of the one plan, I was like, it’s really not. What’s your plan B? It’s just really just another way back to the plan A. You’re not just saying I’m stopping what my plan was and I was switching. No, it’s all part. Well, the plan’s up here, so it doesn’t matter which way I’m going. I have this song path where it’s talking about that I don’t know where I’m going, but know exactly where I’m heading. Like, I know where I’m going, but I don’t know what ways, what turns, but I know the route I’m going. So as long as you’re focused on that North Star, what brings you the passion? Then you’re going to get there, no matter if someone said, but you’re opening for a ventriloquist. I thought you’re supposed to be, like, a famous rapper signed to this big label. And now I’m like, oh, no, that was a blessing. And this was the bell. I’m touring. That’s the most talented person in the world. And if I was signed to a label, I’d just be one of the hundreds of artists complaining about how they are trapped on this label deal and all that.

I’m so glad I didn’t get what I was hoping to get performing on campus. That’s for sure. It’s all just worked out perfectly.

So go ahead and plug the name of your husband and wife partnerships in case anyone’s looking for homes in.

Yes. Yes. Ben and Natalia Harris. We’re at Las Vegas Sotheby’s. You check us out on Instagram. At Ben and Natalia. We’re always doing tours. Every week we’re posting YouTube tours. Check those out. It’s a lot of fun. Ben and Natalia is a YouTube channel, too.

Okay, excellent. Well, you mentioned paths, and I hope that appearing on this podcast is a way to help you on the path to your goals, just like you appearing on this podcast is helping me get on the path to my goals. And here we are, the Harris Brothers B and T Productions. Still doing.

That’s how we do it. Yeah, we got to find that clip productions. That’s how we do it. Troy was making the videos, his young Spike Lee animation and everything. And then I’d just be on there, like, tell me when to talk, I’m ready. And we’re like, B and T protection. That’s how he do it. My robot voice. It was the best.

Yeah, well, you got to embrace those quirks. Embrace those quirks well, here we are. We’re still going on these paths, and we don’t know where we’re going, but we know where we’re headed, so let’s get there.


All right.

Thanks a lot for having me, Troy. This is so much fun. Can’t wait to get back on it. Can’t wait to catch up with you. Got the suns playing right now. Shout out, Izzy ish. Let’s go, sons. This is our year, and I’m just so happy to be here. Thanks again.

My pleasure. Thanks for being here. All right, take care. All right.


Peace. All right, everybody. Thanks for watching. That’s the end of the episode. You watched that with my brother, Ben Harris. So gracious to have him on this show. You know where it is. And check in anywhere you get your podcast to the Troy Harris podcast, where we’re bringing positivity and talking about strong body and steady mind through the supply chain. Perspective. That’s it. Till next time, I’m Troy Harris. Bye bye.

Yeah. Good job, Troy. Thanks. I didn’t know that was a good one. Yeah. Thanks for staying quiet. He’s still down here hiding.

Okay. I didn’t know you were still connected, but, yeah. Thanks. Appreciate it.

Good ending.

Yeah, thanks. Cool.

I’m glad we did that, actually. It turned out way better because we are actually sticking to the uplifting soul and souls, stage fright, being a team, no matter what position, if you’re the janitor or the vice president. Like, a bunch of stuff that wasn’t even mentioned before.

Yeah. And then we came back to some of the things that were. And were able to seamlessly, without even bringing it up that we went through. I didn’t want to bring it up, but I didn’t want to hide the.

But that was smooth. I mean, we are brothers, so we were talking. Obviously, we’d be talking, so that made sense. And how organically was it to bring up your book? I wasn’t planned. That was the truth.


But I was like, I would tell people because I think about in your book.


That was real time thought right there.

That was good. And that was vulnerability right there. I’m glad that it came to me afterwards that you mentioned saying what you’re ashamed of, for lack of better words, but saying bothering you and putting it out there, verbalizing, I think that’s the key that a lot of people don’t realize, and so I hope that people are able to. I didn’t really come back and point that specific point out, but I think that’s the main poinT.

Yeah. And you saying your stuff, and you were the first person I actually said. And then when I said it, then, that was a good point. I never even explained it. It wasn’t like then all of a sudden I thought, I have to do these chest workouts every morning. I just thought, now that it’s out, I just want to better my life in general. And then like, oh, yeah. And the one thing I was worried about was not there. That’s cool. So that was cool.

Yeah. Good shit, man. Well, all right, then let’s. I’m going to post it, I’m going to send it, and then we could catch back up afterwards.

Yeah. I loved it. All right, then catch the end of the Suns game then. Okay.

All right. Peace. All right.

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