In this episode I dedicate the recording to my good friend Chris Hummer in hopes that he recovers well.

Hey, what’s up everyone? It’s Troy Harris here with another episode of Troy Harris. It’s your eponymous podcast because it’s named after me, Troy Harris. And what I want to do is let you know that this episode is dedicated to my dear friend, Chris Hummer. If you read my first book, I Feel Good About Me. One of the characters in that book was made after my friend Chris Hummer. He lives down the street. And so, Chris, I’ve been practicing this song in German and it reminds me of you. And here it goes 

Du bist wie eine Blume,

So hold und schön und rein;

Ich schau’ dich an, und Wehmut

Schleicht mir ins Herz hinein.

Mir ist, als ob ich die Hände

Aufs Haupt dir legen sollt’,

Betend, dass Gott dich erhalte

So rein und schön und hold.

By Heinrich Heine 

Composed by Robert Schumann

Yeah, man, just thinking about you. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’re on the mend. And I’ll be seeing you soon. So, everyone, I want you to know that you can practice and you can get better at whatever you’d like. Whether it’s singing, whether it’s dancing, whether it’s presenting yourself on a podcast. The choice is yours. Just pick it and do it. All right. Speaking of things that you can pick and do, here’s the book that I was talking about last time that I wrote. It’s called efficiency. And as a mental mindfulness coach, I want you to know that the supply chain perspective can get you to where you want to be in life. It all starts with a strong body and a steady mind. And once you get those two things going and you find the mind body in that, you can find your spirituality and bring those things together to get you towards your goals. The way that it works in this book is it starts with what comes into you.

Just like a supply chain starts with the suppliers. How it comes into the business, the things that come into you are your values. So out of everything that you consume, whether it’s the food, whether it’s the knowledge, whether it’s things that got you to who you are, your mom and your dad, those things have within them these values love, justice and community. And it’s up to you to find those and harness that towards your own benefit and shifting your mind to where you can lead with those things. And it’s up to you how you want to decide whether you’re more aggressive, more passive, more empathetic, more self focused. It’s really up to you where you decide to take it in your own journey. But remember that at the core, in the center, it’s always love, always justice, and always community. So from there, it’s about your internal logistics. And this is all described in the chapters that’s laid out in this fashion. The secondary portion is internal logistics. And when you get to the internal logistics, what you’re going to do is you’re going to think about how am I governed in this world?

I’m governed by time and space. Those are the dimensions. I’m governed by the actions, whether it’s consuming, exploding, how I spend my energy and exhausting how I let it out, whether it’s those things, whether it’s the seven steps to success, how I look at success and failure and grow from them, and how I manage my just desserts. When I do good things, good things come back to me. When I do bad, I get the consequences. And those things and it’s all around your health, your mental, your physical and spiritual health. Make sure that you’re helping those things you’re giving yourself. You’re being a good advocate for yourself in those departments. That’s really the core. And then that’s internal logistics. And then take it forward to the the external, back to the external in the form of the outbound logistics with how do you treat the outside world, whether it’s who you work for and you’re receiving money from them, and in exchange for the services you provide to them, whether it’s how you’re helping yourself with what you earn so that you can improve your own status and your ability to help others, which is the society, your customer in this aspect.

And that’s really the outbound logistics and serving that community can come back to help your reputation so that you can work more and make more money and provide more of a service and help your your employer look good so that you can get promotions and seek employment and places where you want to be. And so looking at it like a social entrepreneur, this is the one message that I hope gets clear. We are working on a movement, the self social, the self social enterprise, where you can be your own enterprise in this world by looking at how not only do you become profitable, but how do you make an impact in this world. Even as an individual, you don’t have to change who you work for and start working for a company that specifically is a social enterprise. You could do it within your own self, within your own status and position where you are, so that you’re able to look at how you spend your money and make an impact, and how you get your money and who you make it from, and help them see the benefits of being social.

Because where you spend your dollars is where the demand is. And that’s how we shift this world into becoming a better place. The more how we want to see it become. Just like Michael Jackson said the man in the mirror. If I want to make this world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. I believe it’s so much that I put it as my dedication right here in this book. So I hope that you’re able to purchase this. It’s on Amazon. It’s called efficiency. Unleash the power of Supply Chain wisdom for Personal growth and development. It’s really about helping yourself and the community around you. It all starts with. Yourself. So it’s personal growth. But if you’re able to work on this and become within yourself having a status of inner peace, you’re able to spend it out there. And when you’re having those interactions with people, spread it so that your community around you can become more peaceful. And then it just grows from there. And then eventually, lo and behold, before you know it, this whole world becomes peaceful.

And that’s the that’s the goal. That’s the goal to have this whole world become peaceful. You can do it. And if you don’t think that it can start with the strong body and steady mind, you’re kidding yourself because that’s where it is having the power. There’s a quote in the show that I really like that says says money is power. No, power is power. When you’re free to move about and walk around and pick things up without breaking a sweat because you’re so in shape that is so freeing. You get such a good feeling out of that. That’s power. And then you’re able to use that to to do more of what you want and to defend yourself better. And then, of course, you have other aspects of it, such as financial power and intellectual power and those things, and that just expands from there. But really, you can’t forget the fact that physical power is important and then your mental power, your your mind helping that becomes steady so that in moments of fear and panic, you’re able to be calm and you’re able to embrace the chaos as well as have structure so that nothing can change you, nothing good, nothing bad.

You’re steady, you’re able to handle your emotions, and when things have you change you, you’re able to grieve when it goes bad and you’re able to celebrate when it goes good. But you’re able to do it humbly so that you don’t sway too far from where you want to be, because you always know you’re continuing to grow. Anything that happens to you as a gift to either help you grow or to keep you from growing, and you get to choose which is which. So I hope that you choose the gift that helps you grow, because I know I am. That’s it. My name is Troy Harris and I hope you have a great day.

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