Troy Harris is getting off to a hot start with this first audio podcast, also available in video!

What’s up everybody? Welcome to a new episode of Troy Harris. This is a brand new podcast, and you’re going to see the progression of where we go. I’m coming completely ad lib in this episode. What we’re going to do is show you how we start and see the progress as we go, week by week, month by month, year by year. On how we grow. Because it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just have to get started. You know, it’s all about the progress. It’s not really about perfection. As you can see. We’ve got wires, we got things on the wall and things are going to get better over time. And you know, what we’re really focused on is the message, because it’s all about the message. Yes, fashion over function and all these things are important. You want to be able to deliver a message by looking good. And believe me, I’ll be the first to admit that that is important to you. Got to deliver a great message.

My name wouldn’t be Troy if I didn’t understood the importance of delivering a message in a way that can be received, just like the Trojan Horse. But what is important as well is the substance. What is beneath, what is below? What have you worked on? What is going to get better? And with that is the attitude that it will always get better as long as you try. What we’re going to do is tell you about Troy Harris. If you search on podcast for Troy Harris, you’re going to get this. You’re going to get the Troy Harris Podcast. It’s a variety of video. We got the audio podcast coming your way. It’s going to be in all these different formats. And it’s about that growth that I just mentioned. It’s about having the ability to see the momentum and to see that your mental attitude, your mental fortitude is what takes you to the top of the mountain, whatever your goals might be. It’s a combination of your body strength and your mind strength, and being able to take that combination out to the outside world and give back, give back to the outside world, because that’s what’s going to give you that true feeling of fulfillment and make you feel content as you go through the ups and downs in life.

So let me just tell you about how this came to be. I just wrote a book is called Efficiency and what it is, is it’s a self-help book, using the perspective that I learned through the 13 years of working at UPS. Note that these opinions shared in this podcast are mine, and mine alone don’t represent anybody else but me. It’s the supply chain perspective that I learned throughout the years. To say what you do matters holistically. Every part of one thing has an effect on other things, in every other thing that takes place in your world. So you have to be cognizant of those things and start doing the things that gravitate you towards your goal. And if you do that, then you’re going to be more good than bad. You’re going to be more what you want to be like then what you don’t want to be like. And even though there’s things that you like, you got to put them aside so that you can reach the long term goal that you also want to be like as well.

These are all things that we have to keep in mind while enjoying life along the way, and absolutely enjoying life along the way and allowing yourself some forgiveness because that’s what it takes to progress and not get down on yourself when times get hard. So we did. I did write this, this, this book, and the book is out there and I’m letting people know about it. And at the same time I said, I want to do more. And that’s what my my post yesterday I wrote a blog post on TroyHarris.Com yesterday about just simply wanting to do more and having the ability to do more through the tools and resources that I have. Simple video camera, simple microphone, simple computer. And we’re going to start getting some interviews taking place with FaceTime and zoom. And we’re going to get people with different opinions who are important to me in my life and who have a say in this mindfulness and body awareness and body strength field. We’re going to do these things. We’re going to get these opinions and have a variety.

So it’s not just my voice. I love my voice, but you want to hear some variety of voices too. And we’re going to get those varieties here, get their perspectives and see how it all comes together, a combination, you know, I don’t know at all. I don’t know it all. So I’m going to be learning and getting better as well as you as you take note of what takes place on this podcast. So I was writing that blog post yesterday. I was writing it. I was saying, hey, I could do better, I could do more. I want to do more. I want to get the message out there. You know, I want to be intentional behind my actions and know the reasons why I’m doing these actions. That way, I could live more in tune and feel more real about everything that’s taking place, so I could really deliver something of substance, importance to the people that take their time out of their busy days to hear what I have to say, because I believe that you can have a better life if you just try for it and get some tips and garner those and use those towards your own betterment and the betterment of the community around you. So that’s what I wanted to do, was I told you guys yesterday on the on the Troy Harris website about what I’m planning to do. And the very next day I made my set something that is presentable for this video for you to capture on YouTube, on Troy Harris, and on the podcast wherever you listen to them around the world. And then you can see the progress, you can see where it goes. We’re going to go. We’re going to grow along the way. We’re going to have multiple cameras as we go forward. We’re going to have walking around inside of this apartment to see how cooking matters for your diet, for your mind and your body health, how exercise is important for your mind and body health. And I’ll just tell you about the sleep. And I’m not going to get you guys to see me, but trust me, a good night’s sleep is very important too. These are the things.

This is the cycle so that you can get on a virtuous cycle towards the path of where you want to be. That’s really it. That’s really the key. And this is a message to launch it, to let you know that, hey, it’s not some really well organized and produced and overly studio produced production. No, this is the real deal, nitty gritty with somebody who’s just like you, who’s going through the regular life as a regular person and having challenges and trying to do their best to overcome them. Me, Troy Harris, delivering it to you. You are a beautiful person. And go ahead and say your name right here. Say your name right here you are. Say I am. When I say my name, I want you to say your name. I am Troy Harris. And that’s right, believe it. You are somebody who can take yourself to the next step, wherever that may be. So trust that when you listen to this podcast, you’re going to get that motivation.

You’re going to believe in these tips and know that it takes the mind and the body working together and find your spirituality, wherever that may be, and harness that all together for growth. Thank you very much. My name is Troy Harris and until next time, have a great day.

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My name is Troy Harris and I like to make podcasts to share my advice on positive thinking! Stay tuned and watch me help make the world a better place.

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