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Embarking on a New Path

Today I am embarking on a new path. I looked over my situation and found myself wanting more. I just put out a book and I am marketing it. I am proud of my work, but I want to do more. I have invested a lot of time, effort and money into this endeavor and others at this time would probably begin to be satisfied and start to focus their resources elsewhere, but not me. I want more. I want to keep going down the path of enlightenment because I enjoy it and I want to share it with you.

To this point, I started my blog back up but now not only am I going to get podcasting going back again but I will be doing it with video now which is something I have not done before. I will have a combination of my own thoughts as well as interviews with others that I will capture and make part of the experience. Not everything will be on video or audio, and some of it will be just in writing such as this post. However, the main point is that this site, is my new endeavor in which I will be putting out more of my thoughts as I did in my book Efficiency, but on an ongoing basis.

I feel that life is special and we ought to treat it as such. This means helping others that don’t see it this way, find that it truly is. This is not by forcing them to see it. But in times in which they may be influenced, show how seeing this way has led you to being content with life, perhaps with no words at all…just by exemplifying the effects of having this belief and that way it allows you to carry on.

Being in touch with yourself and the world around you will lead you to do some wild things. But that is the point…to not be lulled to sleep by conforming to the world around you, but to also not feel the need to recklessly abandoned the benefits of to what may look like conforming but is rather applying conventional wisdom when those times come.

I for example just signed up for leading the coming of age children’s ministry at my church. This is something that truly may benefit others just as I may enjoy it. It’s not because someone told me to do it, nor is it so rare that it could not be seen as conforming…but rather it is what aligns with my purpose. I have worked very hard to not just change the way I am to become more like the person I want to be, but rather to understand why I do the things I do. This helps me live intentionally and really feel life and make it more meaningful.

Sure, there are things I like that have less meaning to them. And it it’s really up to us as individuals to assign what bears meaning in this world. But it’s not only important to me to do what I simply like just because I like it and that is because not everything I like has significant meaning, even to me. And I am not about to lie to myself and justify my actions by giving it a meaning just to feel good about myself. I care about myself too much for that. Therefore, I am going to do things that give me less immediate joy since in the long run, fulfilling my purpose to the meaningful things in my life will give me long term fulfillment. This is what allows me to be content in moments of short term challenge. I am in control.

I hope this message helps you on your journey. Fellow traveler, let’s embark on this path together. I will be setting up my in-house vlogging desk in the next few days. I will check in with you how that goes. Until then, take care! Troy

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My name is Troy Harris and I like to make podcasts to share my advice on positive thinking! Stay tuned and watch me help make the world a better place.

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